New internal range API simplifies IP address management

As your network topology grows and becomes more complex, so does the complexity of managing your IP address space. This task becomes even more daunting when deployments are complicated by hybrid infrastructure, cross-cloud networks, VPC peering and shared VPC. To help you simplify private IP management, we are happy to announce the new internal range … Read more

Symphony connects financial markets with Bigtable

Editor’s note: Symphony is on a mission to revolutionize the way financial markets and trading teams connect and collaborate. To achieve that goal, they needed a managed database that could handle large amounts of data, while also providing the scalability, reliability, and flexibility required to support its growing user base. Bigtable fit the bill, and … Read more

Google Cloud, AI and MWC ‘24

When meeting with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) around the world, there is one clear theme: artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game, unlocking significant value across the CSP value chain, and changing how CSPs and their customers interact with technology. MWC’24 is no exception, and we are thrilled to be back in Barcelona this week … Read more

Tips for troubleshooting Private Service Connect

Private Service Connect is a Cloud Networking offering that creates a private and secure connection from your VPC networks to a service producer, and is designed to help you consume services faster, protect your data, and simplify service management. However, like all complex networking setups, sometimes things don’t work as planned. In this post, you … Read more

Want your cloud to be more secure? Stop using service account keys

Securing cloud credentials has emerged as a challenge on the scale of Moby Dick: It presents an enormous problem, and simple solutions remain elusive. Credential security problems are also widespread: More than 69% of cloud compromises were caused by credential issues, including weak passwords, no passwords, and exposed APIs, according to Google Cloud’s Q3 2023 … Read more

A year in the cybersecurity trenches with Mandiant Managed Defense

An effective way for organizations to reduce the risks of infostealers is to implement application allowlisting that restricts employees to installing only authorized software from approved sources.  Removable storage devices, a useful vector for threat actors Threat actors linked to the People’s Republic of China (PRC-nexus) are relying on removable storage devices extensively to achieve … Read more

Google Distributed Cloud for retail and manufacturing

Customers in retail and manufacturing are looking for ways to improve legacy on-premises development for applications such as point-of-sale systems and factory operations, while also building rich new experiences like automated order taking, AI-based visual inspection, and cashierless checkout. However, they struggle to build, deploy, and manage modern workloads while sustaining current applications that can … Read more

Next generation Autocomplete is now available in Preview

The next generation of Autocomplete is now available in Preview, offering seamless integration with Address Validation, more intuitive pricing, and support for expanded place types from the new Places API. It’s available to all developers at no cost during Preview. Autocomplete builds on our recent launch of the new Places API, which offers new features … Read more